About Us

The Beatbox Blogging Academy covers topics such as travel, vacation, events, destinations, foods, and lifestyle. The publisher developed this blog as a way to share his own travel experiences, photographs, and recommendations with friends, family, and online readers. Today, the Beatbox Blogging Academy offers contributions from authors all over the world, including travel stories, culinary reviews, hotel guidelines and reviews, holiday destination recommendations, and other travel-related content.

We were interested in meeting locals and seeking out off-the-beaten-path experiences that tourists could not have when traveling throughout the world. Beatbox Blogging Academy takes pride in exceeding expectations in the human side of what we do, from our great customer experience team to ensuring that our Trip Leaders create a secure and open environment where you feel free to be yourself.

The Beatbox Blogging Academy is full of motivational stories about people who were bored at home and chose to take the path to change their life. As we like to say at Beatbox Blogging Academy, it’s not about what you do on vacation but how travel alters you and what you do afterward.

We’ve developed a global-minded travel network that includes monthly readers of this blog today. This blog would not exist today if it weren’t for all of you. Every day, your comments, wise words, and support inspire me. Because of your enthusiasm, commitment, and passion, I’m thrilled to be able to get up every morning and generate social media content.

This is largely a travel blog. In other words, I want to see as much more of the world as possible while spending as little money as possible.