Dental Care For Pets: How To Find The Best Pet Dentist

Did you know that 42% of Americans go to the dentist less than once a year? This is remarkable, given that 85% of Americans feel there is a substantial correlation between dental and overall health. Many people avoid going to the dentist despite the fact that they should. That is also true for pet owners. Most pet parents are aware that maintaining healthy teeth and gums is critical for a pet’s overall health. However, many pet owners fail to take their animals to the veterinarian on a yearly basis. If you are one of these pet owners, your pet is in danger of developing oral health problems, such as periodontal disease or organ failure.

Tips on Finding the Right Pet Dentist

The following are some tips for selecting a qualified veterinary dentist. This might assist you in locating a veterinarian dentist who has a long list of satisfied clients and a diverse range of veterinary resources.

Inquire Family and Friends for Reliable Referrals

The use of word of mouth remains one of the most efficient strategies for locating a reliable and experienced veterinary dentist for your pet. If you know someone who has nothing but praise for a pet dentist, you should add them to your list of probable candidates. However, you should never choose a veterinary dentist solely on the basis of a referral. It is vital that you meet and observe each prospective candidate in person at an animal hospital in Poway, CA and their interactions with you and your dog or cat.

Consult Your Primary Veterinarian for Recommendations

If your pet currently has a primary veterinarian and he or she does not do dental cleanings, you might ask the veterinarian for nearby referrals. Your primary veterinarian can identify veterinary facilities that employ the best pet dentists and aid you in scheduling the first consultation. Additionally, you may be unaware that your veterinary clinic has a dentist for dogs and cats and offers pet dental cleanings; you should always inquire prior to transferring clinics.

Conduct an Online Search to Identify Prospective Vets

Thirdly, you can conduct an online search to narrow your options for veterinary dentists in your area. If you live in Poway, California, you can put the phrase “veterinary dentist near me” or “veterinary surgery near me into Google’s search engine. A list of possible prospects will display instantly.


If you are like the majority of people, you will likely select a veterinary dentist from the first page of your search results. Always undertake thorough research on any clinic that appears on the first page. Several factors contribute to a veterinary clinic ranking on the first page of Google, and service quality is not always the primary factor.


Like their human counterparts, Pets require routine dental examinations and teeth cleaning. However, due to the fact that the process is far more involved for dogs and cats than it is for humans, it requires a highly skilled specialist to manage your pets’ dental care needs. You can entrust your pets’ dental care to a veterinary dentist to maintain complete peace of mind.