Dog Boarding: 4 Red Flags You Should Avoid

If you’re a pet owner, your dog is like a child to you. Due to this, leaving your dog in the care of another individual can be equally unsettling, whether it’s a one-time thing or something that happens regularly. Stressing over how your pets are handled while you work, vacation or run tasks will seriously hinder your ability to function.

Warning Signs to Consider When Selecting a Dog Boarding

It’s always a challenging decision to leave your pet in a daycare or boarding center. You need to understand that bringing your pet to a new environment is already difficult for them, so you can only envision how horrible it feels if the facility is subpar. This is why making an informed decision when picking a pet daycare is essential. Below, you can learn about pet daycare centers’ most typical warning signs.

Hesitant Tours

There may be something to conceal if a daycare only permits you to see the premises or gives you straightforward answers to your inquiries. Smaller dog-watching companies might escape fewer evaluations than their bigger competitors, although there are regulations for operating large dog-watching firms. You can assume they are if they act secretive or avoid a specific topic.

Save your time if they will not tour you; there are plenty of trustworthy doggy daycares, like Central Bark doggy daycare in Carol Stream, IL, to board your dog.

Undesirable Smell 

This is the most noticeable and valuable difference between quality and below-average dog daycares. Maintaining cleanliness and hygiene standards is essential to the satisfaction and comfort of the facility’s customers. You still need to consider what detergents are used even if you like the place and do not notice any smell. If you have a pet, you must figure out if these substances are harmless for them.

For more information, it is advised that you clean your pet and give it good grooming before leaving it at a boarding center. This is a polite approach to engaging with the boarding facility and the owners of other pets. Some veterinary facilities provide pet grooming services if you can not do so yourself.

Untrained Staff 

Although the pet daycare sector is not the most regulated, a top-notch facility will adhere to specific standards and guidelines. Leaving your dog or cat with licensed specialists who know the difference between hamsters and guinea pigs can give you satisfaction and trustworthiness.

You should feel comfortable inquiring about or requesting staff training and qualification proof. You should refrain from using the services of any pet daycare unwilling to provide this information. You can also find out more regarding the quality of their service by checking out customer testimonials.

Absence of Real Reviews

Identifying a trusted dog overnight boarding facility can be challenging. Still, among the simplest ways to do so is to go online for testimonials written by real customers that have yet to be modified. Reading customer testimonials will offer you a fair picture of the business’s procedures and how well they accommodate pets from all walks of life.


If you plan on hiring a pet sitter or a pet boarding facility, you must ensure that none of the above red flags relate to them. It’s vital to strike a balance between your need for rest and obtaining reliable care for your pet, whether a cat or a dog.