What Are the Categories of Contaminated Water Damage?

Water is known to be able to enter a building invisibly via multiple channels. Water damage cleaning is required regardless of how moisture can penetrate a structure. If water damage to your property is not addressed promptly, it will be spread quickly, creating damage that could be expensive to repair.

When you compare the water in the river to the bottled water you purchased from the store, it’s easy to see that pollution levels differ significantly. Although some water is safe to drink, water from other sources may carry dangerous germs and viruses.

Being aware of the kind of water pollution you’re dealing with could help you stay protected should your company or your home is afflicted by water damage. The insurance company may be able to assess the severity of the damage and the repair services offered. Specific procedures are required by many property insurance and house insurance plans based on the amount of water damage.

Contaminated Floodwater Categories

Certain kinds of water damage are more damaging than others and require the aid of water damage restoration professionals. There are three kinds of water damage; as pollution increases, water damage gets more dangerous to the people.

Contaminated Water Category #1

The water pollution that falls into category one is not as hazardous. While nobody wants to flood in their home or business, if the event occurs, you want it to fall into this category.

Water damage produced by sanitary water is the easiest to repair and repair. Some examples are the floods caused by rain or extreme weather and damaged freshwater delivery lines. An example of a sanitary source is leaky toilet tanks and a leaky faucet or a damaged water heater.

This water damage is also known as freshwater and is safe to drink. If people absorb or are exposed to water, this water damage poses no danger to them.

Contaminated Water Category #2

The water is classified as hazardous if it comes into touch with or is consumed. When water originates from overflowing washing machines, toilets, or dishwashers, it’s included in this group. These sources may contain toxic elements like trash, soap, or pathogens and could have dangerous substances.

While you might believe that this category is safe as it is from a semi-clean supply like your dishwasher, it is still a health risk. Contact a professional water removal firm if you have category two flooding in your house or office. See your physician if you have any water in category two to preserve your health. Look up “Restoration companies Shreveport” for the best results.

Contaminated Water Category #3

Category three water is harmful to touch and may cause serious health problems. The water in this category is highly polluted and can include germs, bacteria, or poisons. Category-three water has river water, water brought in by a storm or hurricane, overflowing sewers, and ocean.

If your home or company is flooded by category-three water, it is recommended to contact an expert immediately to avoid contact with hazardous materials. A water removal company is licensed and certified to remove polluted water from your property or business safely and thoroughly.