Everything You Need to Know About Janitorial and Cleaning Services

A clean location is a welcome addition to any company or household. The benefits a clean workplace provides are significant and beneficial for employee morale and productivity. Everyone wants to have a clean location to work and live in, but cleaning is a chore that most people shy away from. It proves to be true that cleaning is a difficult and meticulous task.

A lot of people hire cleaning professionals to do these jobs. A majority of people view janitorial and commercial cleaning in the same light, and this is where a lot of people get wrong. Janitorial and commercial cleaning services have very different tasks.

How are they different? 

The differences between these cleaning service providers differ in scope, frequency, cost, and duration of the cleaning service. Being able to understand what each of these services provides can be an advantage to property or business owners alike.

We have to recognize that both services from Sunset Quality Cleaning make an area clean, but the depth of their services does vary. Being able to understand their scope of services may clarify the items we want to ask. If you are interested in the differences between janitorial and commercial cleaning services, here are some items you should take into account.


Janitors are the people we often see cleaning in our workplace or schools. These professionals have tasks that are light, constant, and daily. The cleaning tasks that they have are small compared to commercial cleaners. The tasks that they cover are sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming an area. These tasks may include the occasional sanitation for some particular areas.

Commercial Cleaning 

Commercial office cleaning services have a specific process that is highly meticulous. The scope they cover is bigger and is just done a few times a year. They are in charge of maintenance, tile cleaning, carpet, power washing, and thorough scrubbing of surfaces and some particular equipment. The cleaning that commercial cleaners provide makes surfaces look new and polished. They also ensure that they sanitize any cleaned location to prevent any biological health threats.

Which should I call? 

Janitorial and commercial cleaning services serve different purposes. If you need a place constantly cleaned, you can contact a janitorial company to have a professional perform frequent and light cleaning, but if you have a property that has a large area or has not been cleaned for a while, you will need commercial cleaners. The cost of these services is vastly different, but they provide some benefits that we can take advantage of. Getting either or both can substantially help you with cleaning an area. 


Commercial cleaning and janitorial services have differences in their scope of service, but their main task is making a place clean. These professionals serve different purposes as to what the task requires. Being able to tap on their services whether you need a constant cleaner or an annual deep clean for your property would be beneficial. We have to understand the types of cleaning that they provide to make sure that we get the right people for the job.